What Are Black Wedding Bands Made Of?

What are black wedding bands made of

Black wedding bands are powerful, mysterious, and impossibly cool.

Black rings are a striking pick for an engagement, wedding, promise, or even everyday.

Naturally black rings are made of materials like zirconium, onyx, obsidian, elysium, ebony wood, and ceramic. Rhodium or ion plated black rings are often made from metals like gold, platinum, and tungsten.

Modern black wedding bands can be made of any the following metals and materials:

  • Zirconium
  • Elysium
  • Ebony
  • Obsidian
  • Onyx
  • Black Pearl
  • Ceramic
  • Gold
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten
  • Tantalum
  • Steel
  • Cobalt
  • Wood
  • Silicone

What To Look For When Buying A Black Wedding Ring Online

The rise of black wedding bands.

Since viewing an engagement ring online is a little different than viewing it in person it’s important to familiarize yourself with the width, fit, structure, finish, and other options to help you better understand exactly what the ring will look like.


Some black wedding rings like onyx, elysium, and ceramic are naturally black and do not require plating. Other materials like tungsten, gold, and platinum achieve that lustrous black sheen through ion or rhodium plating.

But just like any high-quality jewelry, your black plated wedding ring needs to be properly taken care of so that it lasts as long as possible.


Textured finishes on black wedding rings are popular. A finish can really set the wedding band apart and help your ring standout.

Whether you long for a more textured look found in matte, brush, hammered, sandblast, satin, or high polish, a finish is a final touch that will truly make your band your own.

  • Matte. Gives a flat look that isn’t shiny or reflective.
  • Satin. Gives the ring a smooth and shiny look. However, it doesn’t reflect light, cutting down on the flashiness.
  • Brush/Cross Satin. Gives a textured look. The overall look of this cross-hatch finish appears as if it was made by a wire brush.
  • Sand Blast. The “rough” look — there’s absolutely no shine or reflection.
  • Hammered. This finish varies depending on the type of hammered used, along with the direction and strength of impact.
  • High Polish. Gives the ring a reflective, shiny surface.

The most common men’s wedding band is between 4mm and 10 mm. That said, widths can create a unique look, so don’t be afraid to shop for something bigger or smaller, depending on the overall vibe you want to achieve.


It’s good to have options — especially when it comes to men’s wedding bands.

Here are some popular men’s wedding band styles to consider:

  • Classic wedding band
  • Eternity wedding band
  • Channel wedding band
  • Pave wedding band
  • Infinity wedding band


Patterns can turn a simple wedding band into an exceptional wedding band. Pattern options range from subtle to elaborate.

Here are popular black wedding band pattern ideas to consider:

  • Celtic
  • Braided
  • Ancient Greek
  • Norse
  • Floral
  • Spiral
  • Art Deco
  • Brick
  • Rope
  • Wire
  • Camouflage
  • Knot
  • Line
  • Mokume


Thicker wedding bands make a statement and tend to be more comfortable for men with larger hands.

A thicker band may come at a higher price point (thanks to using more metal), so be sure it’s something that can be comfortably worn on a daily basis.


In general, your ring should gently slide over the knuckle (with smooth sides for comfort), but still fit snugly on the finger.


The most popular men’s wedding bands styles are structured in two ways:

  • Dome. Sometimes called a D-shape, a dome structure on a wedding band gives it a rounded appearance on the surface and edges of the ring that some men find more comfortable.
  • Flat. A flat shape on a men’s wedding band is exactly what it sounds like: A band with no curves and straight edges on the ring.


Many grooms utilize the addition of stones to make their black wedding bands unique. If you still want the bling look but don’t like the risk of missing stones or snags, consider an inlay setting instead. This look, involves cutting a small channel into the ring with stones set in a row inside the channel, making the gems more secure. 

A few other inlay options include precious metals (gold), meteorite, dinosaur fossils, wood, and deer antler among others.


Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are the most common choices for wedding band interiors, but alternatives such as high polish can be used as well. There are no hard and fast rules here.

Did you know?

The best time for accurate ring sizing is near the end of the day. Your finger size will change slightly throughout the day, depending on temperature, weather, activity, etc.

How To Care For Black Plated Wedding Bands

While black plating can make your ring look stunning, it may wear down after a while. Here are a few tips for taking care of black plated wedding band so you can wear it longer.

  • Never use basic jewelry cleaners on it because the harsh chemicals will ruin the plating.
  • To clean your black wedding ring, soak it for 10 minutes in warm, bottled water and a mild detergent.
  • If your jewelry has very fine ridges you can use a soft brush.
  • Rinse thoroughly, pat dry (do not rub), and air on a very soft cotton towel.
  • Storing it in tissue paper to avoid rubbing against other jewelry.
  • Always remove your ring when performing household tasks or working out.
  • Remove your ring when applying hand cream, it does contains ingredients that could harm the ring plating.

Black Wedding Band Ideas

Ahead scroll through over 30 of the best black weddings bands for men. Get ready to lust after these black wedding rings.

1. Thorsten – ONYX Black Inlaid Wedding Band

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Onyx

This stunning onyx wedding ring by Thorsten is as deep and dark black as the semiprecious stone for which it’s named and is a unique combination of vibrant black carbon fiber and beautiful black ceramic.

2. Walmart – Mens 14K Black Gold Hammered Wedding Ring

Black Mens Wedding Band - Black Gold

This hammered black gold wedding band is an elegant choice. Black gold is electroplated with black rhodium.

3. Jared – Beveled Black Tungsten Wedding Band

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Beveled

Looking for something classic? The matte finish and beveled edges of this ring elevates the style. This wedding band from Jared features a combination of black PVD and tungsten carbide for distinctive style. The ring is Supreme-Fit™ for maximum comfort.

4. Manly Bands – The Descartes Black Zirconium Wedding Band

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Zirconium

Manly Bands’ wedding ring in black zirconium with white cerakote

What is Black Zirconium? 

Zirconium, not to be confused with zirconia, is very similar to Titanium in that it is lightweight and skin-friendly (no nickel).

5. Lashbrook – Solid Diamond Rings – Elysium by Lashbrook

Best Black Wedding Rings for Men - Elysium

Diamond in Black is forever! Diamond and darkness converge in a bold new expression of love’s lasting promise. This black wedding band resists scratching, and maintains a sheen that never fades. Step into the darkness of infinite perfection.

What are Elysium Rings? 

Elysium is the brand given by Lashbrook to its line of solid diamond rings. Using its proprietary technology, they create rings from a multi-crystal black diamond matrix that resists scratching.

6. Larson – OBSIDIAN Domed Black Tungsten Wedding Band

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Obsidian

This black obsidian wedding band is the perfect choice. Made with black tungsten, this durable and scratch-resistant ring will stand the test of time, just like the love you and your partner have. The sandblasted finish is unique touch to this domed black ring.

What is obsidian?

Obsidian is a naturally formed volcanic glass created by the rapid cooling of lava.  

7. Blue Nile – Mokume Pattern Beveled Edge Wedding Ring in Tantalum

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Tantalum

Calling all the grooms who want a ring that pops! This tantalum wedding band is brilliantly patterned. What is Tantalum? It’s a rare, hard, lustrous metal that is highly corrosion-resistant. High quality tantalum rings are hypo-allergenic, resistant to breakage, and ultimately the most precious of all contemporary metals.

8. Patrick Adair – The Ember Glowstone Black Opal Wedding Band

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Opal

The main attraction of this ring is the Black fire opal, which is fairly dark in color but gives off vibrant green, red, and orange hues. This is accented perfectly with black daytime pigment and bright green glowstone.

9. Select Wedding Rings – Verrill Raised Hammer Finish Black Ceramic Wedding Ring

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Ceramic

From the brand’s Eternity Collection, black ceramic ring features a brushed, hammered finish and step edges making it an elegant choice.

What is Black Ceramic? 

Otherwise known as titanium carbide, black ceramic is an extremely hard, light weight, hypoallergenic, and non-metallic material. Unlike most other black rings, its black color is not a plating and will not fade.

10. Larson TSAR Black Tungsten Ring with White Diamond Inlay

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Diamond Tungsten

Diamonds are forever. The timeless TSAR wedding band is proof of his strength and commitment. This comfort fit ring, is paired with a diamond inlay and black tungsten.

Tip: If you have larger knuckles, look for ‘comfort fit’ rings, which are rounded on the inside. That helps them slip over your knuckles and forget you’re wearing a ring.

11. Groove Life – Zeus Black Silicone Wedding Band

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Groove Life Silicone

Perfect for the man that gets things done. The Zeus Anti-Stretch inner-molded band adds form and rigidity to the ring. Replace your metal ring today with a step-edge design and never look back.

12. Larson – KNIGHT Steel Chain Black Titanium Wedding Ring Polished Beveled Edges Set With Round Black Diamonds

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Steel

Bold and contemporary, this unique ring features a black steel chain center. With the black diamonds lined along the beveled edges of the titanium band, it provides durability to complement your lifestyle. 

What is Black Stainless Steel? To create black steel, regular stainless steel is anodized which changes the surface through an electrochemical process without changing the composition of the metal.

13. Rustic & Main – The Black Pearl Wedding Band in Titanium

Black Wedding Bands for Men - Black Pearl

Calling all the grooms who want a ring that pops! This black wedding band features weathered whiskey barrel, and titanium. The iridescent center inlay of Mother of Pearl helps the ring to pop and really brings the story home!

What is black pearl?

Naturally rare black pearls come from the black-lipped oyster found in French Polynesia. They are traded in Tahiti, and are also known as Tahitian pearls.

14. Manly Bands – The Officer Blue Tungsten Ring

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men  - Blue

You don’t fear danger, you get right up in there. High speed chases, fighting crime, and taking your sunglasses off while saying a very cool one liner are all part of your M.O. With this ring, you’ll never be too old for this shtuff.

15. Ring & Grove – Men’s Ebony Wood Wedding Band

Best Black Wedding Rings for Men - Ebony

This ebony wood tungsten ring combines traditional with contemporary. If your looking for a luxurious wood wedding band made from ebony, this ring is your best choice.

16. Manly Bands – Tungsten Wedding Band with Black Diamond Inlay

Diamond Black Tungsten Ring

White diamonds tend to get all the glory, but black diamonds should be equally considered. This black diamond wedding band for men is a classic but with a twist. The band is hammered and stylish with a unique textured look.

17. Manly Bands – THE ZEPPELIN Comfort Fit Black Tungsten Ring

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men  - Flat

Because his ring should be amazing, too. This modern black tungsten wedding ring from Manly Bands is an immediate showstopper. Simple, with a sense of style. There’s a consistent demand for flatter men’s bands which can be comfortably worn on a daily basis.

Tip: If you have larger knuckles, look for ‘comfort fit’ rings, which are rounded on the inside. That helps them slip over your knuckles and forget you’re wearing a ring.

18. Blue Nile – Hammered Comfort Fit Wedding Band in Black Tungsten Carbide

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Matte Hammered

Is there such a thing as too much class? We don’t think so. This band features a brushed center and polished edges for a classic look. Incorporating a textured design makes it all the more interesting.

19. Triton – Black Tungsten Wedding Band with Meteorite

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Meteorite

Want a ring that’s out of this world? This unique option pairs meteorite with tungsten to showcase a love as grand as the galaxy. This is definitely the band if you’re looking for a unique, eye catching option.

20. Zales – Camouflage Wedding Band in Black Tungsten

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Unique

It’s a beautiful thing to celebrate your personal love story with a ring that is unique and meaningful to you. Celebrate with a camouflage tungsten wedding band as special as your marriage.

21. Northern Royal – Celtic Knot Tungsten Wedding Ring

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Celtic Knot

If you’re in search of a unique tungsten wedding band, then a Celtic ring just might be the perfect choice. Full of interesting history and romantic meaning, traditional Irish rings feature intricate laser engraved details and are always sure to stand out.

22. Kay – Sapphire Wedding Band in Black Tungsten

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Sapphire

This black tungsten wedding band has a striking contrast with its deep blue sapphire inlay. Sapphire tungsten rings are more affordable than diamonds. Sapphires also come in a variety of colors (not just blue!) such as purple, pink, yellow, green, orange, brown, black, and even white— although Kashmir and Ceylon blue are the most sought after.

23. Jordan Jack – Black Cobalt Etched V Design Wedding Band

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Cobalt

If endurance and dependability are your strong suit, this powerful ring is a symbol of that strength wrapped in an impressive 8mm cobalt package. Demonstrating a keen vitality, this black cobalt band has an etched V design that sets it apart from the pack.

24. Blue Nile – Asymmetrical Black Engraved Wedding Band in Tungsten

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Asymmetrical

An elegant design featuring a modern design, this tungsten wedding band features a brushed finish and asymmetrical polished inlay for a subtle contrast of texture. There’s something oh-so-cool about a black band.

25. Thorsten – Flat Black Tungsten Ring With Matte Center & Polished Edges 

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Matte Finish

This highly sought-after style from the brand’s Thorsten Black Tungsten Rings collection features a flat pipe-cut shape black Tungsten Carbide band with a beautiful brushed finished center and polished finished edges. Can be worn as a wedding band or promise ring.

26. The Artisan Rings – Passionate Purple Grooved Black Tungsten Ring with Beveled Edges

Best Black Wedding Bands for Men - Purple Tungsten Ring

It’s not often that you spot someone wearing a purple wedding band, which makes this stone the ideal option for unconventional grooms. The deep violet hue is far from traditional, purple engagement rings will still stand the test of time.

Black Wedding Band FAQs

Is black tungsten scratch proof?

Tungsten is extremely scratch resistant, but the outer surface of plated black tungsten rings is titanium which is not as scratch resistant. Over time, plated rings can show signs of wear.

Do black wedding bands fade?

Rings with black plating require extra care and should be taken off when working. Colored tungsten rings may fade with time and generally are more susceptible to scratches.

Written by Gina Elizabeth

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