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14 Junk Foods That Start With U

by Gina Elizabeth
Junk foods that start with U

When you’re looking for some new tasty treats to add to your diet, why not put a theme to it and enjoy a literal “U”? Here are some of the best junk food options (salty and sweet, for all craving needs) that will help you to enjoy a little bit of everything while keeping your theme front of mind. Some of these you may have heard of, and others you might be learning about for the very first time.

From one culture to another, these are going to delight your taste buds and help you explore desserts, sweets, and salty treats that begin with the letter U.

1. Utz Potato Chips

Based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, the company produces a wide variety of potato chips, pretzels, and other snacks, with most distribution being limited to the eastern United States.

2. Unos Pizza

Junk food that start with U - Unos Pizza

Uno Pizzeria & Grill, or more informally as Unos, is a franchised pizzeria restaurant chain under the parent company Uno Restaurant Holdings Corporation. Uno Pizzeria and Grill is best known for its Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

3. Upside-down Cake

A popular American favourite, this is a delicious cake that is baked “upside down” using your favourite cake. What makes it upside down? The fact that the decorative pineapple slices are on the bottom of the cake instead of on the top.

4. Unglazed Donuts

Junk foods that start with U - Unglazed Donuts

Donuts are leavened fried dough. Delicious! For a healthier option, choose unglazed donuts.

Junk foods that start with U - Unglazed Donuts

5. Ustipci

These are European and sure to be a favorite to any of those who enjoy powdered sugar. These are fried dough balls, often sweetened, and then rolled directly in powdered sugar.

6. U-No Bar

Junk foods that start with U: U-NO Bar

Ever had a 3 Musketeers candy bar? Well, the U-No Bar is quite similar!

Not only are both these candies wrapped in silver packaging, they also contain truffle and almond bits that are coated in a thin layer of chocolate. U-No bar even comes in a mint flavor!

7. Utap

This is similar, yet still completely different to offer you something lighter. From the Philippines, these are cookies that are made from puff pastry. They’re lightweight and popular when it comes to a treat with tea and coffee.

8. Utah Scones

Junk foods that start with U - Utah Scones

Puffy, sweet, and deep-fried, there is much to love about Utah scones! They’re not like you’re regular scones and are actually inspired by Native American pastries.

You can pair them with other treats like buttermilk, chocolate, or even fruits like blueberries and raspberries.

9. Uncured Hot Dogs

Junk foods that start with U - Uncured Hot Dogs

Uncured hot dogs do not contain artificial nitrates or nitrites. The meat in an uncured hot dog is preserved with celery juice or celery powder, for those who want to keep it healthy and add more veggies to their diet.

10. Ukranian Rolls

For those that love the salty appeal, these rolls are especially soft and decadent, melting in your mouth. They are seasoned with garlic, herbs, and salt. A great side to a meal or even just enjoyed as a snack!

11. U-Frites

These pre-fried French fried chips are made in France. Very meta.

12. Unique Pretzels

Unique Pretzel Bakery Original Pretzels are a certified kosher snack. The pretzels are crunchy and light in texture. 

13. U-Luv Cookies

Snacks that start with U - U-Luv Cookies

This Cookie is For the Chocolate LUV-er in U. It Has a Subtle Crunchy Texture and Chocolate Brownie Flavor. A True American Classic Dessert!

14. Uncle Wally’s Muffins

Junk Foods that Start with U - Uncle Wally's Muffins

Mmm…Imagine the perfect blueberry muffin — light, fluffy, and loaded with blueberries. Uncle Wally’s Muffins are luscious and bursting with flavor.

The Roundup

Which one of these was your favorite? Have you tried any of these before, or are you looking to explore all of them as a total newbie? For those who love sweets, you’ll want to go with 3, 4 or 8 as a great lead-in. For those that want salty, 9 is best.

Want them all? Go for it!

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