14 Best Black Wedding Bands with Diamonds for Men

Men's Black Rings With Diamonds

Men’s wedding bands are no longer ‘one style fits all’. Grooms looking for a bold way to show their style may want to consider an edgy black band with diamonds.

Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from, depending on a groom’s style. Here are the top black men’s diamond wedding rings for every style and budget.

The rise of black diamond wedding rings.

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Best Black Wedding Bands with Diamonds for Men

Black diamonds are forever!

Whether you’re after a traditional look or something unique, there’s a wedding band out there for every groom—get ready to lust after these 14 black wedding bands with diamonds.

1. Madani – Men’s Eternity Black Wedding Band with Black Diamonds

Best Black Wedding Bands with Diamonds for Men

It’s no doubt that this dark and mysterious piece catches the eye with that unforgettable monochromatic effect. This wedding band for men features a black gold insert studded with black diamonds. Choose from tungsten, cobalt, or ceramic. More sparkle = more fun.

2. Brilliance – Men’s Black Black Wedding Band with Zirconium Diamond

Black Wedding Band with Diamonds for Men

This is what happens when you combine a black wedding band with diamonds: pure brilliance. A side eternity diamond zirconium arrangement of 0.01 carat round diamond stones is perfect for the groom who wants to make a bold statement.

3. David Yurman – Black Titanium Wedding Band with Black Diamonds

Best Black Wedding Bands with Diamonds - David Yurman

This stunner speaks for itself. From the brand’s Streamline® Collection, this two row black wedding band features two rows of rare gemstones which lend subtle brilliance to this captivating wedding band. Each stone is meticulously matched for color and set by hand—a testament to David Yurman artistry. In black titanium and sterling silver with a pavé setting.

What Is the Pavé Setting?

The pavé setting is a ring setting that features small diamonds along the band of the ring. The French word translates to ‘paved’ and this jewelry technique was named as such because it resembles a paved or cobblestone road.

4. Larson TSAR Black Tungsten Ring with White Diamond Inlay

Diamond Tungsten Rings

Diamonds are forever. The timeless TSAR wedding band is proof of his strength and commitment. This comfort fit ring, is paired with a diamond inlay and black tungsten.

Tip: If you have larger knuckles, look for ‘comfort fit’ rings, which are rounded on the inside. That helps them slip over your knuckles and forget you’re wearing a ring.

5. Manly Bands – Tungsten Wedding Band with Inlaid Black Diamonds

Diamond Black Tungsten Ring

White diamonds tend to get all the glory, but black diamonds should be equally considered. Featuring a modern design, this black tungsten wedding band features a subtle contrast of texture. There’s something oh-so-cool about an all black diamond wedding band.

6. Jared – Beveled Black Tungsten Wedding Band

Black Wedding Rings with Diamonds for Men - Gold

Looking for something bold? This extraordinary black diamond wedding ring features intense round black diamonds lining the entire band. Fashioned in 14K two-tone gold, the total diamond weight of the ring is 1-1/2 carats.

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7. Gaboni Jewelers – VICO Black Men’s Tungsten Wedding Ring

If you’re in search of a unique black diamond wedding band, then this ring just might be the perfect choice. The center of the band has intricate details like a stainless steel finish center that is embellished with cubic zirconium diamonds. The beveled edges elevate the look.

8. Diamond Factory – Eternity Black Diamond Wedding Band in Platinum

Classy and stylish, the color black is and has always been in vogue. A platinum ring with a black diamond setting is the perfect black wedding band for men. You can also choose the width of the band, or white gold, rose gold, yellow gold metals.

9. Man Bands & Co. – Black Obsidian Wedding Band with White Diamond

Is there such a thing as too much class? We don’t think so. Simple, with a sense of style this bold 8mm black ring features a white diamond in obsidian and tungsten.

What is obsidian?

Obsidian is a naturally formed volcanic glass created by the rapid cooling of lava.  

10. Blue Nile – Black Tantalum Wedding Band with Black Diamonds

Black rings with Diamonds for men - Tantalum

Find dark beauty in the deep tones of this exquisite tantalum wedding band. It’s made with a satin finish that surrounds a row of black diamonds inlaid in the top half of the ring for subtle sparkle.

What is Tantalum?

Tantalum is a rare, hard, lustrous metal that is highly corrosion-resistant. High quality tantalum rings are hypo-allergenic, resistant to breakage, and ultimately the most precious of all contemporary metals.

11. Kay – Black Tungsten Wedding Band with Sapphire Inlay for Men

Best Tungsten Rings - Sapphire

This exquisite ring gives off an elegant aesthetic thanks to black tungsten and (almost black) sapphire inlay. Sapphire tungsten rings are more affordable than diamonds. A breathtaking wedding band that gives the illusion of black diamonds, and who wouldn’t want that?

12. Garo – Mens Handmade Black Gold Wedding Band with Black Diamond

Best black wedding bands for men - black gold

Shine bright with this sparkling diamond black gold wedding band. This 6mm handmade, vintage ring features a .08 carat black diamond making it an elegant choice. White and blue gems are also options. Black diamonds have a unique and dramatic beauty.

What is Black Gold? 

Black gold is simply gold electroplated with black rhodium.

13. Manly Bands – The Raven Black Diamond Zirconium Wedding Band

Black Wedding Rings with Diamonds for Men - Zirconium

Because his ring should be amazing, too. The main attraction of this ring is the .03 Black Diamonds (halfway around) and solid 14K rose gold edges. It’s 8mm wide with a flat stepped edge design in comfort fit.

This modern black tungsten wedding ring from Manly Bands is an immediate showstopper.

What does a black wedding band symbolize?

Black rings can signify power or strength. Wearing a black wedding band can be a way for a man to show that they are dedicated to their union above all else.

14. Lashbrook – Black Elysium Wedding Band with Diamond

Best Black Wedding Rings for Men - Elysium

This black elysium ring combines traditional with contemporary. Diamond and darkness converge in a bold new expression of love’s lasting promise. This black wedding band resists scratching, and maintains a sheen that never fades. Step into infinite perfection.

What are Elysium Rings? 

Elysium is the brand given by Lashbrook to its line of solid diamond rings. Using its proprietary technology, they create rings from a multi-crystal black diamond matrix that resists scratching.

How Are Black Diamonds Graded?

Learn more about black diamond grading and what you need to know when selecting one.

Black diamonds are graded according to their color grade, color origin, carat weight, and clarity. The GIA Colored Diamond Grading Report provides the full quality standards. The “Four Cs” used to grade white diamonds do not apply to black diamond grading.

Color Grade

The black diamonds should be a rich, lustrous, black color.

  • NATURAL AAAA – Natural AAAA grade black diamonds are extremely rare and expensive. These types of black diamonds are museum-collection worthy.
  • NATURAL AAA – Black diamonds with this rating are evenly hued. Only 1% of black diamonds meet this grading standard.
  • NATURAL AA – Natural AA black diamonds represent the top 10% of gemstones, making them great choice for black diamond wedding rings.
  • NATURAL A – The top 20% of gems worldwide receive this grade, they are still a quality choice for wedding rings.
  • NATURAL B – Black diamonds of this grade represent about 50% of gems worldwide.

Color Origin

  • Natural black diamonds are usually colored by inclusions of sulfides, graphite or other mineral inclusions or, in rare cases, hydrogen-related clouds that extend throughout the stone.
  • Treated black diamonds are generally heavily fractured stones that are subjected to high-temperature, low-pressure treatment, which graphitizes the fractures, turning them black.
  • Artificial irradiation can also produce a dark enough color so as to appear black, but this is less common 


By “cut,” we mean the sparkle factor rather than the ring shape. Cuts are graded from excellent to poor. When a diamond is cut into a shape, like pear or oval, it’s done within specific parameters so that the facets interact with light for maximum bling.


The size or weight of a diamond is measured in carats. Men’s wedding bands typically feature smaller diamonds compared to women’s wedding rings. The average women’s diamond in an engagement ring is 1.0 carat.


Black diamonds are prized for their perfect-looking flaws—aka inclusions—and sparkle in a similar way to white diamonds.

The grade black diamonds receive for their clarity is based on their inclusions.

Although inclusions give black diamonds their prized look, some inclusions reduce their value:

  • Pinpoint – Small black dots within a diamond
  • Natural inclusions – purposely leave them to show they didn’t cut too much off of the original gem
  • Indented Natural – Small chips on the edges are extremely common
  • Chip – Chips on the surface of the stone can usually be fixed by a jeweler
  • Feather – Feather-like cracks on the inside of the stone
  • Cavity – Small holes inside a black diamond reduce it’s value and should be avoided
  • Etch Channel – Inclusions due to exposure to high heat

How To Choose Black Diamond Grade

Black diamonds with a flawless clarity grade and a Natural AAAA rating represent the highest quality but are rare and expensive. Selecting black diamonds that are slightly lower on the black diamond grading scale, such as those which receive Natural AAA to AA color ratings can provide a balance of quality and price.

What to Look for in a Black Diamond Wedding Ring Online

Since viewing an engagement ring online is a little different than viewing it in person it’s important to familiarize yourself with the width, fit, structure, finish, and other options to help you better understand exactly what the ring will look like.

Consider this your ultimate guide to finding the perfect black diamond wedding ring.


  • Classic wedding band
  • Eternity wedding band
  • Channel wedding band
  • Pave wedding band
  • Infinity wedding band
  • Twisted wedding band
  • Curved wedding band


Patterns can turn a simple wedding band into an exceptional wedding band. Pattern options range from subtle to elaborate.

Here are popular black wedding band pattern ideas to consider:

  • Celtic
  • Braided
  • Ancient Greek
  • Norse
  • Floral
  • Spiral
  • Art Deco
  • Brick
  • Rope
  • Wire
  • Camouflage
  • Knot
  • Line


Textured finishes on black wedding rings are popular. A finish can really set the wedding band apart and help your ring standout.

Whether you long for a more textured look found in matte, brush, hammered, sandblast, satin, or high polish, a finish is a final touch that will truly make your band your own.

  • Matte. Gives a flat look that isn’t shiny or reflective.
  • Satin. Gives the ring a smooth and shiny look. However, it doesn’t reflect light, cutting down on the flashiness.
  • Brush/Cross Satin. Gives a textured look. The overall look of this cross-hatch finish appears as if it was made by a wire brush.
  • Sand Blast. The “rough” look — there’s absolutely no shine or reflection.
  • Hammered. This finish varies depending on the type of hammered used, along with the direction and strength of impact.
  • High Polish. Gives the ring a reflective, shiny surface.

The most common men’s wedding band is between 4mm and 10 mm. That said, widths can create a unique look, so don’t be afraid to shop for something bigger or smaller, depending on the overall vibe you want to achieve.


Thicker wedding bands make a statement and tend to be more comfortable for men with larger hands.

A thicker band may come at a higher price point (thanks to using more metal), so be sure it’s something that can be comfortably worn on a daily basis.


In general, your ring should gently slide over the knuckle (with smooth sides for comfort), but still fit snugly on the finger.


The most popular men’s wedding bands styles are structured in two ways:

  • Dome. Sometimes called a D-shape, a dome structure on a wedding band gives it a rounded appearance on the surface and edges of the ring that some men find more comfortable.
  • Flat. A flat shape on a men’s wedding band is exactly what it sounds like: A band with no curves and straight edges on the ring.


Many grooms utilize the addition of stones to make their black wedding bands unique. If you still want the bling look but don’t like the risk of missing stones or snags, consider an inlay setting instead. This look, involves cutting a small channel into the ring with stones set in a row inside the channel, making the gems more secure. 

A few other inlay options include precious metals (gold), meteorite, dinosaur fossils, wood, and deer antler among others.


Some black wedding rings like onyx, elysium, and ceramic are naturally black and do not require plating. Other materials like tungsten, gold, and platinum achieve that lustrous black sheen through ion or rhodium plating.

But just like any high-quality jewelry, your plated black wedding ring needs to be properly taken care of so that it lasts as long as possible.


Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are the most common choices for wedding band interiors, but alternatives such as high polish can be used as well. There are no hard and fast rules here.

How to Care for a Black Diamond Ring

The best tool you can use to clean black diamonds is a soft-bristled toothbrush and warm, mild soapy water. Think dish detergent—it cuts through grease and oils from your skin just as well as it does on dishes.

Like other diamonds and fine jewelry, avoid wearing your black diamond engagement ring if you’re involved in hands-on activities, such as working in the yard, moving furniture, or doing construction.

Black diamonds are more susceptible to fracture than regular diamonds. Dry with a soft cloth and store in a fabric-lined jewelry box.

Did you know?

The best time for accurate ring sizing is near the end of the day. Your finger size will change slightly throughout the day, depending on temperature, weather, activity, etc.

Black Diamond Wedding Band FAQs

Can men have diamonds in their wedding bands?

It’s a matter of preference. Some men prefer to wear rings inlaid with diamonds or rare stones, while others prefer a more clean looking ring.

How can shoppers tell if a black diamond is high quality? 

Ask for a Colored Diamond Report from the Gemology Institute of America (GIA) on any diamond larger than .5ct to verify its characteristics and ensure its quality. A GIA report will explain whether the diamond has been treated to enhance the color (lowering the value) or is natural (increasing the value).

How much should a customer expect to pay for a black diamond?

Treated black diamonds are less expensive than natural black diamonds. If a colorless diamond is $8,000 per carat, then you can expect a black diamond to be $4000 per carat, or less.

Is it safe to buy a wedding ring online?

It is completely safe to purchase your wedding band online. In general, many retailers accept returns or exchanges but since every retailer is different, it’s important to read all shipping and return policies before you purchase your ring. Engagement rings that are custom-made are usually not eligible for returns or refunds.

What is a ring avulsion injury?

Ring avulsions are usually the result of an accident, such as a fall or a mistake made when using machinery. In severe cases, the ring finger may be severed, detached, or surgery may be needed to repair blood vessels/tissue.

Athletes and Celebrities like Jose Rogan, LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. wear silicone wedding bands for ring safety.

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