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10 Best Commercial Refrigerators 2021

by Gina Elizabeth
Best commercial refrigerators

1. KITMA Commercial Refrigerator:- Best Budget Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators can be pretty expensive, so let’s kick off this list with a refrigerator for users on a budget.

The KITMA Commercial refrigerator, though not extremely expensive, is all about functionality. Built with stainless steel, the unit comes with a two-door design and offers 49 Cu. ft of storage capacity. The storage space is divided into 6 shelves providing you with more than enough room to store goods. Plus, it also has a security lock to control access to merchandise.

However, despite all its benefits, we found the interior LED weak, especially when the refrigerator was packed. So, you might run into a bit of trouble finding stuff at the back. Apart from this minor setback, the rest of the refrigerator functions beyond expectations and we highly recommend it for anyone on a budget.

2. Premium PRF125DX:-Best Upright Display Commercial Refrigerator (Small capacity)

The Premium PRF125DX is one of the best upright display refrigerators out there. It’s got 12 Cu. ft of storage capacity and is best suited for storing small volumes of merchandise such as beverages. The unit is a reach-in model and is perfect for restaurants, offices, and even homes.

Design-wise the refrigerator looks average but is very compact compared to other competing models. This makes it fit into relatively tight spaces, so you need not worry about assigning it a separate area. Further, the condenser works great with minimum noise. The product also comes with 4 removable shelves which make cleaning and maintenance effortless. Its shelves however are made of wire mesh, which feels flimsy.

Therefore, we presume that you might have to replace them after some time because of bending.
But don’t let that dishearten you because the rest of the machine works like a charm.

3. Procool 3-door Refrigerator:-Best Commercial Refrigerator For Bars

If you are looking for a compact bar refrigerator, it does not get any better than the Procool 3-door refrigerator. Frankly, it’s one of the most elegantly designed and feature-packed units currently available in the market.

This machine has 11.3 Cu. ft of storage room, which is divided into 6 shelves. Users can access the storage space through 3 doors that can be locked individually. It also has a control panel that comprises many settings such as temperature and defrosts controls.

Despite having similarities to other models out there, the Procool stands out from the rest because of its effective cooling technique. Employing fans to support its cooling process, the unit creates a far better and effective environment to store your beverages.

Because of the product’s design, you have the option to use it as a stand-alone or built-in refrigerator as well. This allows you to tuck it neatly into a tight space at the bar or proudly have it on display for your customers to admire.

4. Arctic Air AST72R Refrigerated Prep Table:-Best Commercial Refrigerated Prep Station

Packed with a bunch of outstanding features, the Arctic Air AST72R is one of the brand’s renowned refrigerated prepping tables. The unit helps Chefs assemble sandwiches, submarines, and pizzas efficiently with little to no hassle.

The refrigerator comes with three adjustable shelves with a total capacity of 18 Cu. ft. This is ample storage space for keeping your prepped ingredients. Owing to the electronic thermostat and digital display, you can always make sure that the ingredients are stored at the optimum temperature as well.

Further, it also has casters attached to the base. They make repositioning the unit a lot simpler and thanks to the castor locking mechanism you need not worry about the refrigerator moving on its own. However, if you do plan on moving the machine, a few extra hands will make the job considerably easier as it weighs close to 420 pounds.

In case the AST72R seems too big for your needs, you can always settle for a smaller model of the AST series.

5. KoolMore – CDC-5C-BK NSF Commercial Countertop Refrigerator:-Best Countertop Commercial Refrigerator

The perfect display case will always amplify a product’s appeal. Now, don’t get your hopes up because we too have yet to see a perfect showcase. But as far as countertop display refrigerators go, the KoolMore CDC-5C-Bk NSF is by far the best out there.

Offering a 5 Cu. ft of storage room, it is designed to exhibit your best products, especially desserts. The refrigerator comprises two adjustable shelves and an array of bright LEDs strategically placed to make your treats even more enchanting. The curving front and the polished black deck also add to the overall effect the unit creates.

Along with stunning looks, the KoolMore countertop refrigerator also offers some up-to-date features such as a digital display and manually controllable temperatures. However, it only has temperatures ranging between 32 and 53 Fahrenheit, which sadly makes it bad for displaying ice cream.

6. Arctic Air AF49:-Best Commercial Freezer

The Artic AF49 is one of the best freezers available right now. This is not because it provides plenty of benefits or functions, but because it does everything it offers right. Currently, it is Amazon’s choice for the best freezer, so it’s not just us saying this.

The Arctic AF49 is a stunningly designed reach-in model made of stainless steel. It has a smooth glossy finish that is pleasing to the eye. Apart from an impressive exterior, it also offers 49 Cu ft of storage space, which is quite big even for a commercial-grade refrigerator. The storage chamber is divided into 3 adjustable shelves, which are coated with epoxy for a longer life span. Luckily, despite its size and weight (450 pounds), you will have a much easier time moving the unit because of the attached casters. Although you will still need some help.

Its temperature ranges from -10 Fahrenheit to 10 Fahrenheit and is displayed on a LED display. Along with the LED display, you will also find the temperature controls.

A feature that puts the Arctic Air AF49 ahead of its competitors is its anti-frost capabilities. The fans and condensate heating elements make it near impossible for frost to form, which is an enormous benefit for most commercial products.

7. KoolMorel 3 Door Worktop Commercial Refrigerator:-Best Commercial Refrigerator With A Worktop

This is pretty similar to a refrigerated prepping station mentioned before, but we had to include this for those looking for more workspace.

Unlike the Arctic Air AST72R, the KoolMore Worktop Commercial Refrigerator has a flat surface that has ample space (29.5” x 71.5”) to work with. Right below the worktop are three doors that open to the refrigerator’s storage chamber, which has a capacity of 16.9 Cu. ft. This provides plenty of room to store all, if not most, of your ingredients.

Each compartment has a wire shelf that is adjustable, and at the bottom of the unit, there are two pairs of casters making it portable. Just like most models, the KoolMore also comes with an external digital temperature controller which allows you to set desired temperatures with ease. Further, it has an auto-defrost function as well to keep the storage condition at its best.

All these functions and benefits add up to create an amazing worktop refrigerator you will surely love.

8. KoolMore MDR-3GD Commercial Refrigerator:-Best Upright Display Commercial Refrigerator (Large capacity)

If you are looking for a bigger alternative to the Premium PRF125DX (upright display refrigerator), the KoolMore MDR-3GD would be your best choice. KoolMore has proven repeatedly to be an innovative brand pushing boundaries of the commercial kitchenware industry. So it’s no surprise that the brand takes up another spot on this list. But what sets it apart from other upright display refrigerators?

For starters, the KoolMore MDR-3GD display refrigerator is big…. very big. It offers 53 Cu. ft of storage space and 12 easily adjustable shelves to display all goods. Further, it’s fitted with an anti-fog glass which keeps clear visibility even when operating at very low temperature. You can expect to have fewer people straining their eyes to catch a glimpse at the backline with this product.

The machine also comes with external digital temperature control and casters. However, this unit is most suited for displaying beverages, so if you require a product that’s more versatile or spacious, we highly recommend the KoolMore RIR-3D-GD.

9. Zephyr Brisas Series Dual Zone Wine/Beverage Refrigerator:-Best Compact Refrigerator For Wine + Beverages

The Zephyr Brisas refrigerator is probably the most stylish unit on this list. Frankly, it looks like something out of a James Bond movie.

The machine is split into two compartments to hold wine bottles and other beverages. The interior comprises 6 wire racks for storing wine bottles and 3 beautifully designed transparent glass shelves to store other beverages. Each glass shelf can be slid out, making it very easy to access the backline.

Another attractive feature of the unit is its blue interior lighting. The lighting gives it a beautiful glow that makes the product even more appealing. Aside from its stunning look, the refrigerator has a capacitive touch display that allows you to control temperature. The design of the display is unique as well, blending right into the background so that all you see are some glowing icons and numbers.

Overall, if it’s looks you are after (along with performance) but wouldn’t mind something compact, you most definitely should check the Zephyr Brisas series.

10. Commercial Cool CCR26W:-Best Mini-Refrigerator

Although the Zephyr Brisas Dual Zone is great for storing wine/beverages, it falls short in holding other goods. So, we would like to recommend the Commercial Cool CCR26W for anyone looking for more versatility.
The unit has 2.6 Cu ft of storage room. While this might not seem much, you are able to store plenty of goods due to how effectively the storage space has been designed.

Two full-width glass shelves divide the main compartment along with 1 full-width and 1-half-width door-storage shelves. This setup allows users to store both packages and beverages with ease. Honestly, the design team at Commercial Cool deserves a bonus for coming up with such a practical layout.