15 Best Christmas Bourbon Cocktails

Holiday bourbon drinks to put some extra cheer into your season

Best Christmas Bourbon Cocktails

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with Christmas bourbon cocktails?

From a classic eggnog to a warming hot toddy, to bourbon punch, you’ll find a cocktail for everyone.

Deck the halls with these festive and happy holiday bourbon drinks!

Christmas Bourbon Cocktails

Bourbon is a spicy and merry drink that will warm you right up this Christmas.


1. Bourbon Eggnog

Jjingle all the way with the ultimate Christmas cocktail – Bourbon Eggnog!

This spiked eggnog recipe is made with rich and creamy eggnog, paired perfectly with the smooth and warming flavor of bourbon whiskey.

Top it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg for an extra touch of holiday cheer.

Simply combine eggnog and bourbon whiskey for an easy Christmas cocktail.

Put on your favorite Christmas movie and raise a glass with this Bourbon Eggnog Cocktail.

2. Bourbon Hot Toddy with Apple Cider

Stir up a hot toddy with a little bit of a Southern twist, try this recipe that combines bourbon with apple cider.

Simply mix together hot apple cider, bourbon, honey, and a splash of lemon juice.

Garnish with a cinnamon stick and a slice of apple, and you’ve got a hot toddy that’s perfect for sipping during the holiday!

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3. Spiced Bourbon, Beer and Maple Martinis

This warm, spicy martini is perfect for sipping on a chilly night.

The combination of bourbon, dark beer, and maple syrup is truly unique.

The aroma of this martini is just as impressive as its flavor, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg wafting from the glass.

The Spiced Bourbon, Beer and Maple Martini is a great choice for anyone looking for something a little different.

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4. Cranberry Bourbon Sour

Get ready to deck the halls with a festive and delicious twist on a classic cocktail – the Cranberry Bourbon Sour!

This merry drink is the perfect combination of homemade cranberry-orange syrup, warming bourbon, fresh citrus, and sweet candied rosemary.

So don your favorite ugly Christmas sweater, turn up the holiday tunes, and get ready to indulge in the ultimate Christmas cocktail.

5. Holiday Bourbon Milk Punch

Bourbon Milk Punch is a festive drink to serve at Christmas parties!

Forget about traditional fruit punches, spread holiday cheer by serving up some Bourbon Milk Punch.

Cheers to a festive season!

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6. Wild Turkey-and-Cranberry Cocktail

For those looking for something a bit more festive, the Wild Turkey-and-Cranberry Cocktail is an easy way to add some holiday cheer.

This classic cocktail combines the bold flavor of Wild Turkey 101 with tart cranberry juice for a refreshingly sweet taste.

The combination of flavors makes this drink perfect for any occasion, from casual get togethers to more formal gatherings.

This cocktail is incredibly easy to make but packs quite a punch in terms of flavor.

The Wild Turkey-and-Cranberry Cocktail is a delicious and easy to make drink that can be enjoyed year round.

7. Four Roses Holiday Harvest Cocktail

Enjoy the holidays with a Four Roses cocktail. It features cranberry, orange, lime juice, and cinnamon simple syrup.

Shake vigorously and strain over the rocks.

Garnish with cinnamon sticks and fresh cranberries.

8. Bourbon Cream Chocolate Martini

This cocktail is the perfect combination of creamy, chocolaty, and boozy.

The combination of bourbon, cream, and chocolate is genius. And the garnish adds elegance to this already luxurious cocktail.

The Bourbon Cream Chocolate Martini is perfect for a special occasion or for sipping on a cozy night in.

It’s rich and decadent, but not too sweet, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves a good chocolatey treat.

9. Spiced Honey Bourbon Old Fashioned

10. Maple Cranberry Bourbon Martini

Shake things up with this festive bourbon martini. It’s perfect for the holidays!


  • 2 oz. bourbon
  • 1/2 oz. Grand Marnier
  • 4 oz. cranberry juice (not cocktail)
  • 1 oz. maple syrup
  • Cranberries, skewered for garnish (optional)


  • Add ice to a cocktail shaker, then add all ingredients.
  • Shake and strain into a martini glass.
  • Garnish

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11. Spiked Bourbon Hot Chocolate

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with a steaming cup of bourbon spiked hot chocolate?

This thick and creamy delight will warm you up from head to toe, making it the perfect beverage to enjoy on those cold winter nights.

Cozy up by the fire, put on your favorite holiday tunes, and savor every sip of this festive treat.

12. Spiced Cranberry Hot Toddy

Add a pop of color to your hot toddy game with this recipe that combines bourbon (or vodka, your choice) and cranberry juice.

Mix together hot water, booze, cranberry juice, and a splash of honey for a drink that’s both tart and sweet.

Garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary and a slice of orange, and you’ve got a hot toddy that’s sure to make things spicy.

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13. Apple Cider Bourbon Smash

The perfect Christmas bourbon cocktail!

Enjoying the tastes of the holiday.

This bourbon cocktail features apple cider, cinnamon sugar, maple syrup, and orange liquor.

14. Bourbon Black Forest

Have your cake and drink it too!

A Bourbon Black Forest is a delicious and decadent cocktail that is perfect for those who love the combination of chocolate and cherry flavors.

This martini is typically made with bourbon whiskey, cherry liqueur, and crème de cacao, which is a chocolate-flavored liqueur.

You’ll absolutely love the bold, rich flavor.

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15. Knob Creek Apple Butter Old Fashioned

The Knob Creek Apple Butter Old Fashioned is a unique variation of the classic bourbon cocktail.

It is made with Knob Creek bourbon, and is a perfect choice for those looking to enjoy a sweet and flavorful twist on the classic Old Fashioned.

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Your Christmas trees isn’t the only thing getting lit this season!

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