11 Best Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktails

The greatest things about fall are bourbon and apple cider.

Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktails

Genius homemade apple cider bourbon cocktails.

Apple cider cocktails are easy to make, warm, full of spice, and just sweet enough.

They’re the perfect fall drink to have in your back pocket– plus, they make your home smell like fall!

Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktails 

1. Hot Toddy with Bourbon and Apple Cider

Stir up a hot toddy with a little bit of a Southern twist, try this recipe that combines bourbon with apple cider.

Simply mix together hot apple cider, bourbon, honey, and a splash of lemon juice.

Garnish with a cinnamon stick and a slice of apple, and you’ve got a hot toddy that’s perfect for sipping on a crisp autumn evening.

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2. Warm Bourbon Cider

3. Apple Cider Bourbon Smash

4. Bourbon Cider Sour

5. Apple Cider Hot Toddy

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6. Classic Apple Cider & Bourbon

7. Apple Cider Punch with Bourbon

8. Kentucky Apple Cider Cocktail

Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktails - Kentucky Apple Cider

Introducing the Kentucky Apple Cider cocktail.

Sooo easy! Sip hot or cold.

Jim Beam bourbon and Mott’s Apple Cider (Fall Spice) are a great pair! Mix them up as a cocktail over ice or a hot cider.

Here’s how to make both!


  • 1 cup Mott’s Fall Spice Apple Cider
  • 1 ounce Jim Beam bourbon
  • Ice


  • apple wheel
  • orange wedge
  • clove
  • cinnamon stick

Cold Instructions

  1. In a whiskey glass: Mix the bourbon and apple cider. Add ice! Garnish (optional)

Hot Instructions

  1. Combine apple cider, 1 clove, and cinnamon stick in a pot and heat for 15 minutes.
  2. In a mug: Mix the bourbon and hot apple cider. Garnish with an apple wheel, orange wedge, clove, and cinnamon stick.

My Easy Kentucky Apple Cider recipe was inspired by a Litehouse Pinterest post for Fireball + Honey Crisp Apple Cider.

Come to find out, Fireball is not real whiskey. But that’s a whole other story …

9. Apple Cider Bourbon Sangria

10. Bourbon & Maple Apple Cider

1. Knob Creek Apple Butter Old Fashioned

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What apples do I use for garnish?

Use any red, rounder apples for garnish. A smaller apple like McIntosh is a good choice. Leave the peel on for more flavor and visual appeal.

How long does homemade apple cider keep?

Homemade bourbon apple cider will stay good in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Let it cool down before storing. Store in an airtight container.

Written by Gina Elizabeth

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